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We are looking for coaches and professionals interested in learning more about 3S, master it tools and apply their new knowledge assisting other coaches and individual athletes

Welcome to 3S University - a first step on a way to 3S Expert Level. 3S Experts - are people who are interested in coaching profession, looking for better way to teach and coach and had mastered 3S platform so they can represent 3S in their regions. Apply today since our offer and positions are limited. On behalf of 3S Experts, Dr. Sergei Beliaev, President of Super Sport Systems

How To Become A Teacher

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Thank you for your interest to become a 3S Certified Expert coach. You need to satisfy to the following criteria to become a 3S expert: 1. Have at least 1 year of working experience with 3S Training Design Tools as a coach 2. Successfully complete online 3S Certification course and complete the final exam. 3. Complete 3S Expert Coach Certification course on 3S Tools and Teaching Techniques. We look forward to meet you and start working with you towards your goal!
The rules for 3S Expert Coaches are coming soon. Please contact us at for more information.
3S is an open training philosophy platform, meaning that that while we are using proprietary methods and concepts, we also ready to sharing them with anybody who is eager to learn. 3S methods have been used and applied in multiple sports and at all levels of training with undeniable success. Our Experts are not regular sales people - we actually do not want this analogy. We rather want coaches to experience their own success with 3S tools and methodology and then teach it to others. If you are interested in enhancing your career and coaching skills - then you are most likely a proper candidate for 3S Educational program.